Looking to become involved with Mind Trekkers? There are many different ways to become a supporter of our outreach. For more information, please read through the FAQ's posted below or contact our office.

After-School Club FAQ
For schools considering founding their own Mind Trekkers After-School Club

Attending School FAQ
For schools considering registering for a Mind Trekkers event.

Faculty FAQ
For professors of students who wish to volunteer on behalf of Mind Trekkers.

Host Site FAQ
For sites interesting in hosting a Mind Trekkers event.

New Mind Trekkers FAQ
For Michigan Tech students looking to become involved in Mind Trekkers.

On-Site Volunteer FAQ
For event volunteers considering performing a Mind Trekkers demonstration.

Partner FAQ
For businesses and organizations considering to host their own demonstrations at a Mind Trekkers event.

Sponsor FAQ
For businesses and organizations considering to sponsor a Mind Trekkers event.