3D Camera
  Using technology to show how 3D pictures are developed and used. Also explores how depth perception works.
  3D Doodler
  Draw your very own 3D object!
  3D Printer
  Learn how to 3D print using the Dremel 3D printer!
  3D Waves
  Watch and learn about wavelengths!
  7-Segment Display: Exploring Circuits
  Demonstrate how a LED screen works!
  Accuracy and Power
  What's the formula to score a goal? How fast does a typical puck fly and how does the power of the shot affect the accuracy? Take some experimental data and see for yourself what it takes to formulate the winning shot.
  Ad Specs
  Learn how glasses and contacts work to improve vision!
  How can you put flame under a flower and not have it heat up at all? Put a piece of aerogel between the two! Learn of aerogel's insulating properties!
  Anti-Gravity Bottle
  Use a ping pong ball to trap water in a bottle, even when upside down!
  Are You My Type?
  Learn about what blood is made of and what types of blood can donate to others!
  Arms Race
  Use changes in hydraulic pressure to move the control arms!
  Baking Soda Bubbles
  Explore the meaning behind density with bubbles!
  Ballistics Car
  Propel a cart with only a ball! Learn about projectile motion and Newton's laws of motion.
  Balloon Filled with CO2 & CO2 Glove
  Blow up a balloon or glove using a chemical reaction that creates CO2!
  Balloon Hovercraft
  Use the properties of air flow to create your very own hovercraft!
  Bed of Nails
  How can a balloon stay intact when put on a bed of nails?
  Bell Jar & Ringer
  Is there sound in a vacuum? Place a bell under a glass dome, and remove all the air, what do you hear?
  Bernoulli Balloons
  Use air pressure changes to move balloons!
  Biomed Bones
  Have you ever had a broken bone that required screws or other tools to fix? Learn about why those screws are made the way they are.
  Blue Bottle
  Create a color change right before your eyes with the property of oxidation!
  Boats Afloat
  Use your engineering skills to create a boat to hold the most weight!
  Boxing Beans
  Can different shaped and sized containers hold the same amount of material?
  Building Bridges
  How strong can you build your bridge with a few strips of paper?
  Buoyancy Battle
  What is buoyancy? What sinks, and what floats? Figure out how the amount of sugar affects buoyancy!
  Burning Money
  "Burn" a dollar bill without charring any of the bill itself!
  Can Implosion
  The pressure of the atmosphere can be crushing! Illustrate atmospheric pressure and pressure changes due to temperature change with a can, a hot plate, and a bowl of ice water.
  Carbonating Juice
  Mix up some juice and use a little chemistry to create your own carbonated juice!
  Cartesian Diver
  Play with the laws of buoyancy and ideal gas laws to sink the "diver"!
  Cat Anatomy
  Explore the inner workings of the digestive tract of a cat. Students can compare major organs and structures of a cat with those of various sea creatures.
  Centripetal Force
  Keep the mug from flying away when you swing it around.
  Chladni Plates
  See how sound travels with changing frequencies through sand designs!
  Circular Polarization
  Experience what polarization is through 3D glasses!
  Cloud in a Bottle
  Why are there clouds in the sky? Learn how pressure affects how clear the skies are!
  Colliding Spheres
  Learn how energy is transformed by creating enough thermal energy to burn paper without flame!
  Color Subtraction Challenge
  See how you can do picking out colored poof balls once every color, except red, is subtracted!
  Copper Block
  Use Lenz's law and properties of magnetic fields to alter the motion of a magnet.
  Build a robot and learn how sensors respond!
  D-30 is a non-Newtonian material that has been commercialized. This is a great practical application for our oobleck demonstration.
  Da Vinci's Bridge
  Create a study structure with only using friction as a fastener!
  Dancing Raisins
  Make raisins dance before your eyes without touching them!
  Dash and Dot
  Learn basic programming with robots Dash and Dot!
  Density Challenge
  Why do some of the cubes float while others sink?
  Depth Perception Challenge
  Test to see how good your depth perception is!
  Dice, Dice Baby
  Learn about probability through rolling dice.
  Digital Microscope
  Making the micro-world visible to the human eye!
  Dissolving Styrofoam
  Use your chemistry skills and make styrofoam "disappear"!
  DNA Detective
  Have you ever seen your own DNA?
  DNA Extraction
  See your own DNA and save it!
  Draw and complete your own circuit!
  Dry Ice Bubble
  Trap Carbon Dioxide vapor in a bubble and watch as the bubble expands in front of your eyes!
  Egg Fastball
  How good is your throwing arm? Test to see what happens when you throw an egg at a sheet!
  Personalize objects that are nearly impossible to print on using the EggBot!
  Construct an electromagnet and use it to pick up objects!
  Elephant Toothpaste
  Erupt a foam-tastic chemical reaction of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide!
  Epic Bubbles
  Hold a bubble in your hand without it popping or floating away!
  Expanding Peeps
  What happens if you take out all the air in a marshmallow? What happens when you are to add back the air? Find out with this demo, Expanding Peeps!
  Fan Cart
  Explore how air direction and interference effects a cart's motion!
  Faraday Cage
  Why doesn't your cell phone work in an elevator? Because it's a Faraday cage!
  Faster than Gravity Board
  When the center of mass of an object is disturbed, see an object's motion to follow Newton's law of every action having an equal and opposite reaction.
  Feather and Guinea
  See for yourself that all objects accelerate due to gravity at the same rate in ideal conditions!
  This special fluid has magnetic properties and is used in computers and high-powered tools. It forms tiny spikes that align with a magnetic field for an amazing display of magnetism.
  Fingerprint Balloons
  See how unique your fingerprint is!
  Fire Syringe
  With Charles' Law, ignite a piece of paper on fire!
  Fire Tornado
  Watch as the motion of a spinning plate creates a vortex of fire!
  Fireproof Balloon
  Is it possible to save a balloon from popping when fire is touching it?
  What happens when an object doesn't float or sink? It flinks! Construct a device that uses neutral buoyancy.
  Floating and Sinking Eggs
  Use the properties of density to both float and sink an egg!
  Floating Art
  Draw your own picture and then make it float on top of the water!
  Fluid Power
  See how you can push a large load with a small amount of force!
  Fluorescent Rocks
  Investigate how certain wave lengths of light can make some minerals glow!
  Foam Dough
  Learn about Non-Newtonian materials through this gooey dough!
  Foam Gnomes
  With a chemical reaction, create a polymer you can decorate!
  Force Plate
  Does the amount of force you apply to a scale affect the weight it reads?
  Fractions are Friends
  Take the traditional game of "War" and challenge your friends to a battle of fractions!
  Freezing Point
  Why do we add salt to roads in the winter? Explore the effects of salt on ice!
  Fruit Battery
  Turn a lemon into a battery!
  Fun Fly Sticks
  Make Mylar float in the air under the control of a wand!
  Can you melt metal at body temperature?
  Gauss Rifle
  Use the power of converting potential energy to kinetic energy to knock down barrels!
  Giant Bubbles
  Mind Trekkers' own recipe for the perfect giant bubble. This solution, plus a small pool, hula-hoop, and a landscaper's brick can put you inside a giant bubble!
  Giant Mirrors
  Identify the differences in concave and convex mirrors!
  Grape Crusher
  Protect a grape from the Grape Crusher with your engineering skills!
  Grape Lightning
  Explore the fourth state of matter...plasma!
  Gravity Well
  See how size and gravitational pull work together to make moons orbit.
  Hail Storm
  See how low voltage can create a mini hail storm.
  Hand Boilers
  Make water boil in the palm of your hand!
  Handheld Hologram
  Turn your smart device into a hologram using the PepperGram Projector!
  Happy Feet
  Why do are shoes built in a certain way? Compare the similarities and differences in shoes!
  Happy/Sad Ball
  Looks can be deceiving. Find out about the conservation of momentum and elastic and inelastic collisions!
  High Bouncy Ball
  Use the force of gravity to test your create-your-own bouncy ball!
  Hockey Stick Flex
  Learn how different hockey stick compositions affect your shot!
  Hollow Penny
  Is a penny all copper? Do all metals react the same to chemicals? Find out how metals react to chemicals and how much of a penny is copper!
  Homopolar Motor
  Use the power of a magnet to make a motor run!
  Hot Ice Sculptures
  Design your own crystal creation with supersaturated substances!
  Check out how this board can float over the ground using opposing magnetic forces.
  Jump into the future and ride on a hovercraft demonstrating Newton's Laws of Motion!
  Howling Tube
  Use the power of the properties of hot air to create sound!
  Human Tuning Fork
  Did you ever make a telephone with two cans and string when you were younger? Learn the science behind it and about vibrations in this demonstration!
  Hydrogen Car
  Explore fuel cells changing chemical to electrical energy though hydrogen car!
  Hydrophobic Sand
  How can sand not get wet?
  Illusion Science
  Check out the way that mirrors can reflect an image to look like it is floating!
  In Focus
  See how our brain works with seeing objects!
  Invisible Fire Extinguisher
  Put out a flame with a tip of a cup!
  Jacob's Ladder
  See electricity travel right before your eyes while creating a show of color!
  Jelly Bean Taste Test
  Why can't you figure out the flavor of a jelly bean when your nose is plugged?
  K'NEX Solar Power
  How do solar panels actually work?
  K'NEX Wind Powered Car
  Does sail material and size really matter? See who can create the best sail to make the car go the fastest!
  K'NEX Wind Powered Water Lift
  Use green energy to create a water lift.
  Kinematic Carts
  What happens if you push off another person sitting on a cart? Do you both move the same distance from eachother? What happens if you toss a ball back and forth? Find out with kinematic carts!
  Kruskal's Card Game
  Can you find you way to the end of the path?
  Lasers and Prisms
  Go through a series of challenges to bend light!
  Leave No Trace
  Be kind to the environment! Learn how long it takes for different materials to biodegrade.
  Let's Communicate
  Think like an engineer and work on giving clear directions on how to build your creation!
  Can you make an object float on air? Using the power of magnets and a force of a gyroscope, try out your abilities to do so!
  Liquid Crystals
  Ever wonder why the surface of a lake is warmer than the bottom? Find out why while you create a thermocline!
  Liquid Rainbow
  Find out how the densities of liquids compare to eachother!
  Liquid Sand
  See how we can make sand behave like a liquid by pumping air up from underneath it!
  LN2 Cloud
  Cause a sky touching cloud with liquid nitrogen!
  LN2 Explosion
  Experience what it is like to have a 32 gallon garbage can filled with water shoot up over 25 feet in the air!
  LN2 Freeze & Smash
  What would happen if you add an apple or rose to liquid nitrogen? Explore what happens to an inflated balloon before and after having been in liquid nitrogen!
  LN2 Ice Cream
  Make ice cream in just 60 seconds!
  Can you make the marble go all the way around the loop? Test to see what happens when you drop a marble at different points on the track varying the kinetic energy!
  Lung Volume
  Can you hold more air in your lungs than your friends? Try this demo to see who has the biggest lung capacity!
  Levitate a car you created and test to see who's car can travel the fastest!
  Magnet Down a Metal Pipe
  Slow down a fall of an object with using magnetic forces and Lenz's Law!
  Making Movies
  Check out how movies were made in starting in 1877!
  Making Music
  Explore the world of music by creating your own piece of music then hearing it by the vibrations created by each note!
  Marble Madness
  See how energy is transferred through a system!
  Marker Chromatography
  See what colors make up other colors while creating pieces of art!
  Memory Match Up
  Do you think you have a good memory? Put it to the test!
  Milk Trick
  Get your groove on with this science demo creating a constantly changing kaleidoscope of colors!
  Mixture Separation
  Separate objects by using their densities!
  Mobius Madness and Klein Bottle
  Explore the world of 3D and 4D objects!
  Moment of Inertia Spinner
  Ever wonder how a ice skater can speed up their spinning on ice? Use angular momentum to improve your spin speed!
  Musical Fruit
  Make a banana piano or other creations with MaKey MaKey!
  Nail Puzzle
  How many nails can you balance on a single nail head? Current Record: 134 Nails
  Naked Egg
  Remove the shell from an egg with chemistry!
  Newtonian Beads
  How can a string of beads crawl out of a cup?
  Oobleck (Large Scale)
  Ever want to run across water? You can as you run across a six foot trough of it as you separate the cornstarch and water of oobleck!
  Oobleck (Small Scale)
  Play with a creation that has solid matter properties, but is always a liquid!
  Oudin Coil
  Use wireless power to light up a lightbulb!
  Owl Pellets
  Find out what an owl's diet is through dissecting pellets!
  Ozobot is a color-sensing robot that teaches basic programming.
  Paper Derby
  Race against your friends to see who can make their car go the fastest!
  Penny Droplets
  See how many drops of water you can add to a penny before the tension is broken!
  Pile Game and Modular Arithmetic
  Use your math skills to be the one to pick up the last object standing!
  Ping-pong Cannon
  Shoot a ping-pong ball right through a soda can with the power of air pressure!
  Plasma Ball
  Without touching, light up a neon tube from a plasma ball!
  Put your hands in some PolySnow and explore what real snow feels like using this super absorbent polymer!
  Poseidon's Challenge
  Get exactly four gallons of water in the test carboy, using only a five gallon and three gallon carboy!
  Powder Glove
  Explore hydrophobic solutions with powders!
  Power Generator
  Convert the difference in water temperature into electricity!
  Pressure Paradox
  What is volume? What is density? Pressure? Discover how they all relate in this demonstration!
  Trick your mind into thinking your body has an extra limb!
  Pulley Force
  Use the simple machine of pulleys to reduce the amount of work needed to lift heavy objects!
  Quantum Levitation
  See for yourself how superconductors can act like magnets! Quantum Levitation kit needed for demonstration.
  What happens while spinning when the center of the top of an object is the not same place as the center of the bottom of an object?
  Reaction Time
  How does your quick response to a falling object compare to your friends?
  Resonance Bowl
  Using vibrations through water, create audible sound!
  Ring and Ball
  Use thermal expansion and contraction to solve the problem of getting a ball through a ring!
  Rolling Race
  Explore how energy is conserved when potential energy becomes kinetic energy!
  Ruben's Tube
  Use fire to see sound!
  Salt Powered Car
  Power a car that releases Hydrogen instead of carbon dioxide!
  Secret Message
  Write an invisible message to a friend and read it only under blacklight!
  Sensory Rebound
  Think you're the next NBA MVP? Try to shoot a basket wearing prism goggles and see if you can still sink it.
  Sensory Scramble
  How well are your balancing skills? What happens when your senses are limited and you are still trying to balance?
  Shape Memory Wire
  After bending and twisting a wire about, watch it go back to its' original shape by heating it!
  Sifteo Cubes
  Play against one another or the cubes themselves with brain teasing puzzles for all ages!
  Skewer Through a Balloon
  Stick a skewer through a balloon without popping it!
  Small Animal Anatomy
  Explore and compare the anatomy of small animals!
  Snap Circuits
  Create your own circuit to complete the flow of electricity to light up an LED and control its' brightness!
  Soundproof Package
  Test your engineering skills to see how much sound you can prevent from escaping the box!
  Spectral Analysis
  See how different gasses produce colors when an electrical charge is passed through them.
  Squishy Circuit Board
  Light up an LED with an electric flow through play dough!
  A beast that uses only the wind to move; Dutch artist Theo Jansen created large mechanisms that can move on their own! Check out this small-scale version!
  Straw Fountain
  Use air pressure to create a fountain!
  Surface Tension Trap
  Ever wonder why pool toys never stay in the center of the pool? Hint: it has to do with surface tension!
  Teaching Tornado
  Learn what is necessary to create a tornado! Teaching Tornado Model needed for this demonstration.
  Learn to play the theremin and electrical energy!
  Thermal Imaging
  See what the world looks like through a thermal lens.
  Thompson Coil
  Use Lenz's Law and electric flux to make metal rings fly!
  Toothpick Challenge
  Use tessellations to create a certain pattern!
  Tower of Hanoi
  Apply logical thinking to move the entire stack of discs, within the rules, in as few moves as possible.
  Trading Places: Liquid Science
  Explore the world of liquids with different densities!
  Trashbag Vacuum
  Feel the force of Earth's atmospheric pressure!
  Traveling Water
  Watch water move itself from one cup to another without touching it!
  Two Track Race
  The fastest way between two points isn't always a straight line!
  UV Beads
  Use the power of different wavelengths of light to show the true colors of your beads!
  Van de Graaff Generator
  Your hair will stand upright on your head with the energy from this demo!
  Vanishing Glass
  Make glass disappear right before your eyes!
  Vortex Cannons
  Send rings of smoke swirling through the air!
  Water Filter
  Figure out an order of filtering to make clean water from dirty water!
  Waterproof Hanky
  Use surface tension to make an ordinary piece of fabric waterproof!
  Wavelength Straw
  Create music with straws and physics!
  What's in the Box?
  Can you discover what is inside the box without actually being able to see inside?
  Whoosh Bottle
  Create a contained combustion reaction!
  Wind Energy
  Which turbine will produce the most energy? Do the number of blades even matter? Explore the engineering of wind turbines!
  Wind Powered Car
  Find out what sail will make a car move the fastest!
  Wingate Bike
  Discover the amount of power you can produce during anaerobic exercise!
  Yeast Balloon
  Ever wonder why your bread has little holes in it? Watch as yeast is alive in a closed system!